Updated by
Fr. Mathew Bulala, MA

 Our Vision:

A Holy Spirit centered family of God, oriented toward pastoral and integral development for deep evangelization. "Now go out where it is deep and let down your nets and you will catch a lot of fish.(Luke 5:4)."

Our Mission:

To inspire and empower people as a family of God in the Diocese through deep evangelization, Socio-economic, healthcare service, good education, formation of all agents of evangelization in the Diocese, revitalization and continued emphasis on the role of small Christian Communities for evangelization, and preferential option for the poor and those infected with HIV/AIDS.

Our Objectives:

  • To spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all through profound evangelization
  • To take a holistic approach to the needs of our people
  • To teach a profound awareness and experience of being accepted, affirmed and loved by God and others in healthy, supportive relationships.
  • To develop a meaningful and fulfilling ministry
  • To empower women through Women in Development - "Maendeleo ya kina mama," which means to be free and to become, to direct their own lives and make future decisions.