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Rt. Rev. Damian Dallu
Bishop of Geita

Damian Dennis Dallu was born in 1956 at Kiponzelo, Iringa Diocese. He is the youngest child among the six children. His parents were good christians who taught Damian and his brothers and sisters to reverence God. Damian went to school at Kiponzelo primary school from grades one to fourth grade. From grades five to seven he was at Kalenga Middle School. After his seventh grade, Damian joined Mafinga Minor Seminary where he completed his high school. In 1979 Damian went to Peramiho major seminary for Philosophy and Theology. Dallu was ordained to priesthood in November 15 th 1984. The same year the diocese of Geita was created. Fr. Damian went CUEA Nairobi and later went to Belgium for higher education in Moral Theology. When he came back, Fr Dallu was appointed to teach at Segerea Major Seminary in Dar es Salaam.

While teaching at Segerea, Fr. Dallu was elected as bishop in May 6th, 2000. In July 30, 2000 Dallu was inagurated and installed as Rt. Rev. Damian Dallu of the Diocese of Geita.