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Fr. Mathew Bulala, MA

Geita is an area which is highly affected by HIV/AIDS. The major reason for the spread of the pandemic is due to the presence of the gold mine and trans-road to Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi. Therefore, there is a growing number of orphans. As a means of assisting most of these marginalized children, the Diocese of Geita has built an orphanage Centre. Currently there are 96 orphans at the Centre. The Diocese has to take care of their full board. For each child at the Centre the Diocese has to use about US $1,000.00 per year. 

In order to continue with this mission and to open the door on the possibility of further assistances to other orphans, the Diocese welcomes generous donations towards the full boarding, school fees and tuition for our beloved children. God Bless You.

Below is more information about the Orphanage.

P. O. BOX 120
This Centre was build by the Kilimanjaro Challenge, effort of Geita Gold Mine who climb Mount Kilimanjaro to raise fund so as to helps or support the Orphans whose both parents have died mainly of AIDS and have got no one to take care of them. Geita Gold Mine started building the Dormitory in 2004 – 2006. In 17/7/2006 the centre was officially opened and handled over to the Catholic Diocese of Geita. It started its operation on 01/08/2006. The Orphanage Coordinator is Sister Adalbera Mukure a religious Sister from Our Lady of Kilimanjaro Sisters (CDNK).
The Centre accommodates children from all walks life with under considering, racial, ethnic or gender factors.
The center started with 24 orphans. To date the centre has 96 children. Among these children 24 started schooling very late due to the hard situation they were leaving in their families.
The Orphanage accommodates children from 3-8 years old whose parents died due to HIV/AIDS in order to bring them up with good conducts, as well as giving them education
The center is officially registered by the Tanzanian Ministry of Home Affairs, under the Catholic Diocese of Geita.  
With the increasing demand, we anticipate to enroll 90 – 150 Orphans after subject to availability of funds. Presently we have six dormitories which are fully occupied. Four dormitories accommodate 12 children and one care take this is single beds, 2 dormitories accommodates 26 each and 3 care takers. We still need 3 big dormitories.
2. 0      EMPLOYEES: 
  • One Coordinator
  • 7 Care takers
  • 4 watchmen
  •  One gardener and environmental care taker.


  • To enroll 90-150 children by end of 2015. We ask for generous donation and in kind support to expand the current infrastructure. 
  • To help the children we care for to be out of despair and hopelessness. 
  • To enable these children know that they have equal rights as any other children in the society without being discriminated or abused. 
  • To establish an education trust fund for the children care at the Centre and outside. 
  • To give our children quality education 
  • To bring our children up with good conduct and make them good citizens. 
  • To create and maintain ties and good relationship with their original families. 
  • To provide to the children with quality health and medical service.
  • Advocate of the orphans, poor and marginalized.
  • For those joining the centre must be recommended by the village Government. Parish Priest, Shekhe or Pastors of the area concerned. 
  • We register children who lost both parents or if she/he has got one parent. This must be a special case and the village Government should assure the real situation so that the child can be enrolled and accommodated at the Centre. 
  • It must be clearly understood that the aim of the centre is not to replace original parents or guardians of the children. Our aim is to build close relationship between the original family and the centre caregivers. 
  • When these children complete class seven (VII) will go back to their original families where applicable. Otherwise those who will remain at the centre will be offered accommodation and sustainable care. 
  • While with their original families they will be under the centre supervision and they continue with their education depending on the capacity of each child. E. g. Secondary education, Vocational Training to take different courses and short courses depending on the children capacity. The center will continue helping such a child until having full employment. 
  • The aim is to ensure self employment and self reliance in the society. 


Up to now the main sponsor is Geita Gold Mine (LTD)-GGM.  There is a contract where by Geita Gold Mine has committed to continue supporting part of the Budget.
(i)  Geita Gold Mine is sponsoring three major things 
  • Salaries of the employees and food for the children
  • School materials and Treatment
  • Other basis needs
But with that budget, currently the cost of living is too high; hence the yearly budget is incapable of fulfilling the needs of the current year.
 (ii)  There are few people from the community who donates small things like clothes, food, sugar, cooking oil, washing soaps etc, especially during the Lenten and Easter Seasons, as well as during Advent and Christmas seasons. We encourage to such kind of generous support for it is so much needed.
(iii)  Fund raising each year
(iv)  Diocesan Contribution from the bishop of Geita, and parishes.
(v)   Donation from overseas.


  • Up to now the Diocese of Geita is trying to find donors who will be interested in helping the Children, i.e Outside the Country, inside the country; government and NGO’s.  


At the moment we have 96 children: 50 male (boys) and 46 female (Girls). We have being successful enroll 70 children in different nearby primary school around the Centre and in far area in English Medium.
They are enrolled in the following schools in various classes:
  • Kivukoni Primary School
  • Mbugani Primary School
  • Mbugani Special Education
  • St.Achileus English Medium school
  • Aloysius Medium and English Secondary school
  •  There are also under age going on with Pre-school at the Centre.

We have improved the environment so as to create favourable condition for the children and the Centre. We have Created Tuition for the upper classes after school. We have a big garden for the vegetables and sells the surplus Electrical water pump and safety water.

We have received various international Volunteers from Germany and The United States of America who visits the center and do Missionary activities to the Orphans.  
  • To Continue with the fund raising for the future Education for the Children 
  • To start self generating project for sustainability of the orphanage Centre and other social developing project includes Improvement of food crops, Garden / Hortic Culture. 
  • Environmental and Forestation project which will include Poultry, Piggery and Dairy projects etc. 
  • To empower the orphans with goods quality of education and skills to enable them to manage their lives. 
  • Provision of Good quality education for the Orphans capable for high Education who can undergo in various Colleges and skill training. 
  • Provision of high Education to our Orphans which will enable them to be Self-reliant and render services to the Community.   
  • Create short courses of the employees of the Centre especially care takers. 
  • To meet other necessary facilities of the Centre e.g. Acquisition of Transport facilities, Land Cruiser or a Minibus. 
  • To provide necessary building at the Centre: Dormitories, one building including nursery classroom, computer room and provide computer lessons for the children. 
  • To have a generator to provide electricity for the center during the public power outage.

 Terminology:  "MOYO WA HURUMA" ORPHANAGE CENTRE, in English means, "compassionate Heart."





G:DCIM104NIKONDSCN4261.JPGJimbo katoliki la Geita lilianza March 10, 1985, na linaukubwa wa 10,697 sq. km.Jimbo linaundwa na wilaya 2 (Sengerema na Geita) linajumla ya watu 1,229,000 na kati ya hao wakotoliki waliobatizwa ni 350,000; ambayo ni 20% ya watu wote.
Jimbo lina Idara kuu mbili ambazo ni; Idara ya Kichungaji na Idara ya maendeleo.
Idara ya Maendeleo Jimbo ilianza mwaka 1987 ikiwa na lengo kuu la kumuinua mwanadamu kiroho na kimwili, kwasasa Idara hii ina vitengo 7 ambavyo ni Kilimo, Afya, Kitengo cha Jinsia, wanawake na watoto, Elimu na mawasiliano, Ujenzi, Maji.
Mkurugenzi wa Idara hii Pd. Mathew Bulala aliteuliwa February 2009 na Mhashamu baba Askofu Damian D. Dallu kwa lengo kuu la kuisimamia Idara na kuhakikisha watu wanapata huduma za kimaendeleo kupitia miradi mbalimbali inayoendeshwa na Idara hii.
Kituo cha Moyo wa Huruma ni kituo kilichoanzishwa na Jimbo Katoliki la Geita kwakushirikiana na Mgodi wa Geita kwa lengo kuu la kuwasaidia watoto yatima na wanaoishi katika mazingira hatarishi. Kituo hiki kilianza kujengwa mwaka 2004 kwa msaada wa wapanda mlima Kilimanjaro kutoka GGM na wahisani wengine na kilifunguliwa rasmi tarehe 17/07/2006 na aliyekuwa Mkuu wa Mkoa wa Mwanza Mh. John Msekela na kuanza rasmi shughuli zake tarehe 01/08/2006 kikiwa na watoto 12 chini ya usimamizi wa Jimbo kupitia Sr,Adelbera Mukure ambaye ndie Mkurugenzi Mtendaji wa kituo hiki. Wadau wakuu wa kituo hiki ni; GGM (wanahudumia maeneo makuu 3 ambayo ni mishahara, chakula na matibabu Pamoja na majengo/ujenzi wa kituo), Halimashauri (W) Geita na kwasasa itakua Halmashauri Mji na Jimbo Katoliki la Geita. Kituo hiki kinasimamiwa na bodi ikiwa inaundwa na wajumbe kutoka sehemu zote tatu (GGM, Halimashauri (W) Geita na kwasasa itakua Halmashauri Mji na Jimbo Katoliki la Geita.) GGM wanaendelea kusaidia kituo hiki katika maeneo yalioainishwa na kupitia kampeni yao ya wapanda mlima Kilimanjaro kwaajili ya kupata pesa kwaajili ya kusaidia watoto wanaoishi katika mazingira hatarishi. Kituo cha Moyo wa Huruma ni kituo kilichosajiliwa Kwa cheti cha usajili Na. SO.NO. 14272, tarehe 11 Mei 2006, leseni ya kuendeshea makao ya watoto Na. 00005115, Decemba 13, 2013. Kituo hiki kinafanya kazi katika wilaya ya Geita kikiwa na lengo kuu la kusaidia watoto Yatima na Wanaoishi kwenye mazingira hatarishi.
Watoto Yatima na Wanaoishi kwenye mazingira hatarishi ni watoto wanaoishi katika mazingira magumu wakikosa huduma za msingi kwa watoto kutokana na umaskini uliokithiri katika familia wanazoishi, watoto walioachwa na wazazi wote wawili au mmoja na wanaishi na ndugu ie. Bibi/babu au wanafamilia wengine, gonjwa la UKIMWI Pamoja na magonjwa mengine  sugu kwa walezi n.k. Baadhi ya watoto hawa hufanyiwa ukatili wa kijinsia ndani ya familia zao, hubaguliwa na walezi au wazazi wao wa kufikia hivyo kusababisha watoto hawa kuksa huduma na kuathirika kisaikolojia na makuzi yao kwa ujumla. Huduma kuu ambazo watoto hao wanakosa ni Elimu, malazi, mavazi, chakula na lishe, Afya ya msingi, msaada wa kisaikolojia n.k, ukosefu wa huduma hizi hupelekea watoto hawa kuondoka majumbani kwao na kwenda kuishi mitaani kama ombaomba.
Familia nyingi kutokana na kipato kuwa duni wanashindwa kutimiza mahitaji ya watoto hao na wengine hulazimika kuwatumia watoto hao kama kitega uchumi.
Kituo hiki kinachukua watoto kutoka maeneo yote bila kubagua jinsia, dini wala sehemu aliyotoka. Kituo hiki kialianza na watoto 12, kutokana na ongezeko la watoto yatima katika wilaya ya Geita kituo cha Moyo wa Huruma pia kimefikia watoto 99 kati ya hao 24 walianza shule ya msingi kwa kuchelewa kutokana na kukosa huduma hio katika vijiji vyao kabla hawajachukuliwa na kituo cha Moyo wa Huruma.
Kituo hiki kinachukua watoto wa rika zote kuanzia miaka 3-8 ambao wazazi wao walifariki kwa gonjwa la UKIMWI kwaajili kwaajili ya kuwatengenezea maisha mazuri.
Kutokana na ongezeko la uhitaji wa huduma inayofanywa na kituo hiki, Kituo kinategemea kuongeza watoto 150 na pia kutafuta wahisani zaidi kwaajili ya kuboresha miundombinu ya kituo na huduma kwa watoto. Kwasasa kituo kina mabweni manne (4) ambayo yanatumiwa na watoto 12 na mlezi mmoja (1) kwa kila bweni, mabweni 2 yenyeuwezo wa kuchukua watoto 26 kwa kila limoja na walezi 3 kwa kila bweni, kulingana na kituo hiki kunauhitaji wa mabweni mengine 3 makubwa kwaajili ya malazi kwa watoto wanaotegemewa kuongezeka kulingana na uhitaji mkubwa uliopo hapa Geita kutokana na hali halisi ya eneo na kuwepo kwa migodi.      

Na. Jina Cheo Weredi Mwaka alioajiriwa.
1 Sr. Adalbera Mukure Mkurugenzi wa Kituo Mwalimu 2006
2 Waza John Madadi Mkurugenzi msaidizi Mwl. Wa Awali 2006
3 Domina Basuka Mlezi Mwl. Wa Awali 2006
4 Beatrice Thadei Mlezi Fundi Cherehani, Mwl.Awali 2014
5 Jaqueck Sikimicho Mlezi Computer, Mwlm.Awali 2014
6 Fausta V. Juma Mlezi Mwl.Awali 2013
7 Susan Paul Mlezi Mwl. Wa Awali 2010
8 Dotto Peter Wanzagi Mlinzi Askari/Mgambo 2014
9 Edgar Msacky Dereva Magari/VETA 2012
10 Kurwa Mabula Mlinzi Biashara/Hair Cutz 2008
11 John Merdad Mlinzi Serelema 2009
12 Elias Adam Mlezi Fundi Magari 2011
13 Amani Sifael Mtunza bustani Bustani/Fundi Seremala/Mchomeleaj 2012


Ø   Kusajili watoto  90-200 ifikapo mwishoni mwa mwaka 2016/2019.
Ø   Kuwawezesha watoto kujua kuwa wanahaki sawa kama watoto wengine bila kubaguliwa wala kutengwa.
Ø   Kuanzisha mfuko wa elimu kwaajili ya watoto walio katika kituo na wengine wenye mazingira hatarishi walio nje ya kituo kufikia 2015.
Ø   Kuwapatia watoto elimu bora na inayowaandaa kwa maisha yao ya baadae, pia ujuzi utakaowawezesha kujitegemea katika maisha yao ya baadae na kuwaandaa kuwa raia wema.
Ø   Kujenga uhusiano mwema baina ya watoto na familia walizotoka.
Ø   Kuhakikisha watoto wanapata huduma bora ya afya ikiwemo kupima afya zao kila baada ya miezi 3.
Ø  Mtoto lazima apendekezwe/kuthibitishwa na serikali ya kijiji. Paroko, Sheikh au Wachungaji wa eneo husika.
Ø   Watoto ambao wamepoteza wazazi wote wawili au mmoja. Hii ni kesi maalum na serikali ya kijiji ni lazima ithibitishe haki halisi ya mtoto ili mtoto aweze kusajiliwa na kuhudumiwa katika kituo.
Ø   Ni lazima ieleweke wazi kwamba lengo la kituo si kuchukua nafasi ya wazazi asili au walezi wa watoto, Lengo letu ni kujenga uhusiano wa karibu kati ya familia ya awali na walezi wa watoto katika kituo.
Ø   Watoto wanapomaliza darasa la saba (VII) watarudi katika familia zao itakapostahili, na watakaobaki watapewa malazi na huduma endelevu.
Ø  Watoto watakaporudi katika familia zao za awali watakuwa chini ya usimamizi wa kituo na wao kuendelea na elimu yao kulingana na kiwango cha kila mtoto. Mfano; Elimu ya sekondari, Mafunzo ya Ufundi kuchukua kozi mbalimbali na kozi fupi kulingana na uwezo watoto.
Ø   Kama ilivyoelezwa hapo juu wale ambao hawataweza kuendelea na elimu ya juu, wao watapewa nafasi mbadala kwa ajili ya uendelevu wa maisha yao ya baadaye kama vile stadi za maisha na kadhalika.
Ø   lengo ni kuhakikisha kujiajiri na kujitegemea pamoja na kuwa na kuaminika katika jamii.


Mpaka sasa mfadhili mkubwa ni Geita Gold Mine ambaye ameahidi kusaidia kituo katika mambo yafuatayo;
Ø  Mishahara ya wafanyakazi
Ø  Chakula cha mwaka mzima kwa watoto
Ø  Mahitaji ya shule na matibabu (shule za msingi)
Ø  Mahitaji muhimu(basic needs) kwa watoto wote. Mahitaji haya yote kwa mwaka mzima ni Tshs. 134,467,500/= ambazo zinatolewa kila robo mwaka, na pia kila robo ripoti inaandaliwa na kusambazwa kwa wadau wote.
Jimbo katoliki pia linachangia sare za shule na kuongezea fedha kwenye matibabu ya watoto.


Mpaka sasa Jimbo linafanya juhudi za kutafuta wafadhili kutoka nje na ndani ya nchi kwaajili yakuhakikisha watoto wanapata huduma stahiki na endelevu. Pia Jimbo limetoa viwanja viwili kwaajili ya kituo.


Ø  Kituo kimesajili watoto 99 ambao wasichana ni 51 na wavulana 48

Ø  Kupanda miti 450 eneo la makao ya watoto kwaajili ya kuboresha mazingira

Ø  Kuwa na kisima cha maji safi na salama

Ø  Kuwa na Soya filter kwaajili ya kuchuja maji ya kunywa ya watoto

Ø  Kupata walezi wote ambao wanamafunzo ya kulea watoto wadogo waliokubaliwa na wizara na ustawi wa jamii.

Ø  Kituo kina usajili na leseni ya kuendeshea makao ya watoto

Ø  Kuwa na michoro ya (Master plan) ya eneo lote.

Ø  Kupeleka watoto shule mbalimbali kama ifuatavyo;

·       KivukoniShule ya Msingi – darasa la 1-6 watoto 12
·       MbuganiShule ya Msingi - darasa la 1-7 watoto 20
·       MbuganiElimu Maalum 1 Mtoto.
·        StAchileus English Medium- darasa la 5, watoto 3
·        Mtoto mmojakatika kidato cha kwanza
·        Chekechea hapa makao ya watoto- watoto 23
·       Aloysius English medium- darasa la 1-7 watoto 15
*Aliyemaliza darasa la 7 shule ya msingi kivukoni, yupo Sengerema Seminary kidato cha III.
  Waliomaliza darasa la 7, 2013 ni watoto 18, wavulana 7 na wasichana 11, watoto wote walipelekwa shule za Bweni kama ifuatavyo;

  • Murutungulu Secondary school 5
  • Kagunguru Secondary School 1
  • Bukumbi Girls secondary School 2
  • St. Clara Girls Secondary School 2
  • St. Theresia of Avila-Kahama 1
  • St. Aloysius Secondary School 6
  • Nyankumbu Girls Secondary School 1


  • Ada kwa watoto waliokidato cha kwanza mwaka 2014 na watakaofuatia.
  • Mahitaji na vifaa vya shule
  • Sehemu ya kufulia nguo kwa watoto (Laundry)
  • Mahitaji ya msingi kwa watoto (Nguo kwani watoto wanakua)
  • Usafiri (Minibus)
  • Kupanua majengo (Mabweni 3)
  • Uwanja wa michezo na nguo za michezo.
  • Ofisi ya Mkurugenzi.
  • Uzio wa eneo la kituo kwaajili ya usalama wa watoto na mali za kituo.


Ø    Kuendeleza harambee kwaajili ya kutunisha mfuko wa elimu na mahitaji.
Ø    Kuanzisha miradi endelevu ya maendeleo ambayo ni Pamoja na kuongeza mazao ya chakula, kupanua bustani ya mbogamboga. n.k
Ø    Kuboresha mazingira na kutunze mali iliyopo ambayo ni Pamoja na mradi wa nguruwe, kuku n.k
Ø    Kuwaendeleza watoto kwa kuwapatia elimu bora pia kuendeleza vipaji vyao ambayo itawasaidia kujiajiri/kuajiriwa na baadae kuhudumia jamii yao.
Ø    Kupanua upeo wa wahudumu kwa kuwaendeleza kielimu kupitia kozi fupi au semina.
Ø    Kuongeza majengo yanayohitajika kama ilivyoonesha hapo juu.
Ø    Kumalizia bwalo ambalo ni sehemu ya kutegemeza kituo/makao ya watoto.
Ø    Kujenga hosteli ya vijana kwenye shamba lililoko eneo la katoma
Ø    Kushughulikia hati miliki ya shamba la Nyankumbuambalo litakuwa kwaajili ya kufanya miradi mbalimbali ya kutegemeza kituo.
Ø    Kujenga madarasa kwaajili ya elimu ya awali na chumba cha kompyuta na kuendeleza masomo ya Teknohama kwa watoto.
Kiambatanisho 1: BODI YA WAKURUGENZI
1.     Fr. George Nkombolwa    - Chairman
2.     Sr. Adelbera Mukure        - Secretary
3.     Siama Paul        - Member
4.     Mrs. Anifah Mfuruki         - Member
5.     Celestina Ngudu                - Member
6.     Joseph Mangilima             - Member
7.     Joseph Massawe                - Member
8.     Rose Mabeyo                    - Member
9.     January Bikuba                  - Member
10.  Peresi Ndurute                   - Member
11.  Nsia Mananda                 - Member
12.  Fr. Henry Tibiabo         - Member
Imeandaliwa na Sr. Adelbera Mukure