Updated by
Fr. Mathew Bulala, MA


Do you know that women can help change the world? Women can impact a Society in many ways. They are producers who can work in both formal and informal markets. A woman can work in factories, communities, and in the family. They are consumers who ensure that their families are well fed and have access to healthcare, education, water and other basic needs. Women are agents in the community, participating in community decisions. Importantly, women are also constituents, who are active in the struggle for their economic, social, cultural, civil and political rights. Women are a vital resource in society. Supporting women is important, and their improvement will yield many rewards to society.

We believe that when you educate a woman, you help her family and the entire society. Thereby, women have an opportunity to improve three basic enemies: ignorance, poverty and disease. Formerly, women across Africa were not given an opportunity for further education. They married, bore children and became homemakers. Women have been neglected for a long time in African society due to many cultural, economic, and social barriers. These cultural barriers are decreasing. Women’s education is now in high demand. The church is working diligently to educate women so that they can, in turn, benefit society.

In fact, the country has a shortage of schools for women who want to get an education. The diocese is planning to open a secondary school for girls. Therefore, your support is needed to make women's dreams come true. We need buildings, school supplies and qualified teachers to make this happen.